Sitrad Mobile

Management in the palm of your hand

Sitrad Mobile is the remote management software module from Full Gauge Controls for smartphones and tablets.

By installing this application in your smartphone o tablet, you can administer facilities from a distance, intervening and modifying controller variables or functions in industrial, commercial and residential systems. That means greater facility, with the same security of Sitrad Remote, and even greater practicality.

Download now Sitrad Mobile in the “app store” of you cell phone or tablet.

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I need to internet connection to use the Sitrad Mobile?

For use Sitrad Mobile it’s necessary to have an internet connection. Unless the device with Sitrad Mobile is on the same Ethernet network as the data server. In this case simply use the internal IP server network.

How much does Sitrad Mobile cost?

Sitrad Mobile is completely free, but but cell phone service providers charge for network data traffic. The cost of the connection depends on each mobile operator. We suggest for you to contact your service provider for more information.

What are the minimum requirements to use Sitrad Mobile on my cell phone or tablet?

The minimum requirements of the cellular phone or tablet depend on the operating system used:

Apple iOS: 4 MB of free space on the cellular phone iOS version 5.0 or higher
Google Android: 1 MB of free space on the cellular phone Android version 2.2 or higher
Windows Phone: 1 MB of free space on the cellular phone Windows Phone version 7.5 or higher
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