Products with Communication

On this page you will find all the Full Gauge controllers that operate in connection with Sitrad. Click on the product to find out more about it:

TC-900e Log
TC-900Ri clock
TC-940Ri plus
TC-960Ri Log
MT-512e Log
MT-512Ri plus
MT-512Ri Log
MT-543Ri plus
MT-543Ri Log
MT-516RVTi plus
MT-439 plus *
Temperature and Humidity
MT-530e super
MT-530 super *
MT-530i plus *
MT-532 super
AHC-80 plus
Humitech super *
Humitech II plus *
MT-531Ri plus *
PCT-410e plus
PCT-210Ri Log*
PCT-400Ri plus*
PCT-410Ri plus*
PCT-420Ri plus*
PCT-3000 plus*
PCT-3001 plus
PCT-1600 plus*
Voltage / Power
PhaseLoge plus
PhaseLog plus *
PWR-3200 plus
SwitchLog plus*
EnergyLog plus
Solar heating
Microsol II plus
Microsol II power
EnergySol plus *
RT-607Ri plus
Miscellaneous Application
AutoPID plus
TI-33Ri plus

*This product is no longer being produced.
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