1. What is Sitrad?
2. How much does Sitrad cost?
3. Which controllers can be managed by the Sitrad?
5. Which languages is Sitrad available in?
6. What configuration should my computer have to install Sitrad?
7. My computer doesn’t have internet. Will Sitrad still work?
8. Can I change the parameters of my installation remotely, using a mobile phone?
9. How does Sitrad record the data?
10. Does Sitrad have alarms?
11. Case lacks energy, do I lose the data recorded in the computer?
12. Is this software safe?
13. When I try access my server through the REMOTE version, Sitrad shows the following message “It was not possible to establish a connection with the server”. Why?
14. What do I need for the controllers to send information to the software?
15. What is the distribution box (connection block) that accompanies some of the instruments with communication with Sitrad and that is available for sale?
16. How many meters of cable can there be in an installation to link instruments to the computer where the interface is running the Sitrad Local module?
17. As the interface is next to the computer, what is the maximum distance between the controllers and Interface?
18. How many instruments can be linked to the CONV32 interface?
19. How many instruments can be linked to the CONV256 interface?
20. How many TCP-485s can I use in the same network?
21. How do I choose the TCP-485 I want to view?
22. How does Sitrad recognize a number of instruments?
23. Como acessar remotamente um computador com IP dinâmico?
24. If I install Sitrad on my Tablet, will it work?
25. How can I backup my Sitrad database?
26. How do I configure Sitrad Viewer?


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