Environmental issues receive their due attention from Full Gauge Controls, which employs strict environmental management practices and makes constant investments geared toward environmental protection.

Sitrad (www.sitrad.com) is a free to download remote monitoring and management system that provides an affordable solution of:

- HACCP monitoring and control of critical control points for Food service, processing industry.

- Green building certifications for homes, commercial design and build professionals and electronic systems integrators.

- Energy management solutions for facility managers for peak load management and power factor correction to reduce green house gas emissions at power plants.

- The innovative patented technology allows user to access the system via web or iPhone/Android apps to diagnose and change the settings with total security.

Sitrad contributes to obtaining certification

HACCP - Sitrad not only monitor and control all HACCP critical controls points, it also allow users to remotely enter in the system via web or iPhone/Android smartphones to diagnose the cause of alarm, change parameters to resolve the issue in a speedy and effective manner. Features like compressor run hours meter help reduce breakdown and increase life of components through efficient preventive maintenance. These additional features offered by Sitrad provide improvement in HACCP monitoring and controls of critical controls points by well over 50%.

LEED - Sitrad integration with HVAC, solar heating, water management of potable and swimming pool, control of windows, curtain, lights, access doors and other appliances allows an affordable solution to design and build professionals of home and commercial buildings for LEED credits.

ISO 50001 - In addition of HVAC integration, SITRAD allows measurement and controls of electric power outputs, voltage, current, KWh and power factor helps industrial facilities, buildings, and other organizations to achieve ISO 50001.

Other reasons for choosing Sitrad

1. Sitrad is a user friendly, economical & versatile system of Full Gauge Controls.

2. Free to download software, free upgrades and no licensing fee makes it unique and affordable with Full Gauge Controls instruments to even a small homeowner.

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