See what Sitrad users have to say about it.

“We had been looking for a monitoring system that would meet both our needs and our customers’ needs. After much searching we found Full Gauge and their Sitrad package. They have provided a flexible and simple solution extremely helpful in providing a comprehensive solution. By working with us they have provided a system that our customers love and that will be in place for years. Thank you Full Gauge”.
Neil Jordan
Novum Overseas - Ireland     

“Thanks to its user friendly features and low incremental costs, Sitrad has generated tremendous interest among our customers. Sitrad is now a standard at most of our commercial refrigeration clients.”
Rakesh Saxena
Trimac Inc. – Middle East

"Sitrad has made a remarkable change in the way my customers manage their business. With Sitrad they are able to view the status of all of their refrigeration equipment in real time, all from one screen, eliminating the need to manually check box temperatures, as well as being able to see at a glance, if a defrost cycle is active or if equipment has failed and service is needed, increasing productivity and reducing product loss to a minimum”.
Matthew Mikka
Mr. Mechanical - USA

“Sitrad is an indispensable tool in my area due to all the innovation it offers. We are able to pass on this peace of mind to the end customer and minimize the operational costs of occasional call-outs that were necessary in the past.
Sitrad does the work for you! And with its numerous controller connection possibilities, whether through a RS485 network, TCP-IP or wireless connection, it becomes adaptable to any project”.
Ailson Martins
NHJ Container – Brazil

‘Monitoring by means of Sitrad has been a great help to us, as it can be carried out from second to second. Its graphs and alarms allow us to act in time when there are no employees in the factories. Furthermore, it is very simple and user friendly, permitting easy control of all the cold storage installations”.
Pedro Muñoz Ibáñez
Crepes y Waffles - Colombia

“The implementation of Sitrad in refrigeration equipment has been very positive as it has allowed us to cater to the particularities of our projects. In the case of equipment aimed at agribusiness, Sitrad has provided us with the possibility of monitoring installations in the harvesting, storage and processing zones, in real time. The updates have allowed us to take full advantage of all the software’s functionalities”.
García Horacio
Carrier – Argentina

“Today, Sitrad is a practical and effective solution for our clients concerning the control and supervision of their products. And, to our company, it is a flagship that has allowed us to enter other niches of the market with national recognition regarding this subject”.
Carlos Quinchía
Inverprimos – Colombia

 “Biotecno’s partnership with Full Gauge – Sitrad has only provided benefits. The reliability that Sitrad offers ensures that our thermolabile chambers are efficient and ideal for the preservation of vaccines and immunobiologicals, with management and monitoring possible from anywhere in the country. It provides facility for us and our clients.”
Lídia Linck
Biotecno Câmaras Termolábeis - Brazil

The monitoring system using Sitrad is a huge differential feature that allows us operate with our clients via the internet, from anywhere in the world. It is a piece of technology that has strengthened us and really made the difference.
Today, we have systems installed, from north to south, in drugstores, blood banks, hospitals, medication and vaccine distributors, refrigerated vehicles and much more.
Marcos Octavio A. Santos
Nova Universal Technology Serviços Metrológicos - Brazil

“We use Sitrad for the following advantages:
1. Complies with international norms;
2. It is highly reliable;
3. Permits remote access via the internet;
4. Reduces our maintenance costs;
5. Facilitates the identification of possible causes of problems in equipment;
6. Permits the identification of the time a problem occurs in an installation;
7. Reduces or prevents the loss of stored products;
8. It is easy to install;
9. Reduces the time and prevents mistakes in programming, with the use of recipes;
10. It is free”.
Gilberto Menoncin
Instala Frio - Brazil

 “Sitrad has been proven to be powerful, reliable and stable in its operation over time. It is fundamentally important to fully master it and its ample range of applications, so that you can fully benefit from all the functions it offers, as there are many possibilities:
-private medicine (Medical Society);
-public medicine (National Cancer Institute and Blood Bank);
-private companies (Hatcheries, Krill meal and fish packing plants).
These are just a few examples of the large number of installations and projects conducted in Uruguay thanks to Sitrad”.
Nicolás Hernández
Replast S.A – Uruguay

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