Download Version 4.13

You can choose between two file formats to you download: one is executable (.exe) and the other is a winzip file (.zip).
If your provider stops downloads of executable files we recommend download in zip format.

Choose which format you want to download:

Others downloads:

LogStorage is an application used to load the
datalogger of Humitech Super:


EthernetConfig is an application used to
configure the converters Ethernet TCP-485:


Any doubts about installation, please, contact our
Application Engineering (Technical Support) on the phone +55 51 3778-3434.


1º How to download?
2º I download the winzip file ( .ZIP ), but I don't know how to use Winzip.
3º I am not getting download, my connection terminated all the time.
4º My provider does not allow download executable files (.exe). What can I do?
5º Where I can get Winzip to decompress my files .ZIP?

1º Step by step download

1- Click on chosen link (ex.:

2- An equal screen as the figure below will appear.

Mark the option "Save on disk" and click "Ok".

3- On this other screen you will choose where Sitrad will be saved. After choose the folder where you will save, click in "Save".

On side case, Sitrad will be saved on folder My Documents.

4- The follow screen shows Download process. When conclude, about 15 minutes, you will have three options.

1º Open: it will install Sitrad in case you download in executable format (.exe). If download in Winzip file, your Winzip will open.
2º Open folder: it will open the folder where you saved Sitrad.
3º Close: it will close the window if you do not want to install Sitrad at this moment. But Sitrad will be saved on folder that you chosen and it can be installed later.

2º I download Winzip file ( .ZIP ), but I don't know how to use Winzip

1- Check if you already have installed Winzip in your computer.

1.1- How do I know if I have Winzip or not? Double click on decompress file, if open a window as the follow figure, you already have Winzip in your computer. If nothing appears click here to know where you can get Winzip and to learn about it.

Lets decompress your file now, click in I Agree.

In this screen click in Extract.

Now you're gonna choose which files will be decompressed.
Select the icon Desktop (as example).
After it click on New Folder to create a folder.

Type SITRAD on field and click in OK.



Now click in Extract.

Close your Winzip.

On your desktop will be your folder with name . In this folder find the file SetupLocal.exe, SetupRemote.exe or SetupDemo.exe and double click to install Sitrad.

3º I am not getting download, my connection terminated all the time.

1- Case you are trying to download in executable format (.EXE) check if your provider allows to download files in this format.

2- There are schedules of much traffic of data in the Internet, leaving the download slower and favoring terminate it (from 2pm to 7pm is when there is more traffic).

3- Case your connection keeps terminating contact our webmaster

4º My provider does not allow download executable files (.exe). What can I do?

Download in decompress format (.ZIP).

If you do not have winzip click here.

5º What is winzip and where can I get it?

Winzip is a software used to compact and extract files on zip format.

You can download a free evaluation version to use during 45 days. After this period, the software has to be bought.

There are free softwares to compact and extract files, as IZArc or the extractor of Windows XP

Click here to download Winzip
Click here to download IZArc


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